A journey to remember

Vietnam is a study in contrasts. The electric green of a rice field and the muted red earth of a berm running by its side. The cacophony of motorbikes coursing through city streets, and the stillness of a temple holding on in the midst of all this chaos.

At Journeys to the East, we celebrate the contrasts. The yin and the yang. In each of our carefully curated journeys, we seek to underscore the beauty that is unique to Vietnam across a range of interests. Whether your interests lie in the culinary arts, cultural pursuits, in cruising the region’s spectacular waterways, or plumbing the depths of its arts and crafts, in soft adventure outdoors, or in more laid-back pursuits that typically attend wedding and honeymoon travel, Journeys to the East is primed to produce a singular experience.

Together, we will mix and match your selected themes and build a truly bespoke itinerary, all the while adding to the excitement for the journey ahead.

This incredibly rich tapestry of travel possibilities draws on a seasoned and erudite team’s second to none knowledge of Vietnam.

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