Philosophy vision

Our Vision

At Journeys to the East, how do we aspire to be the leading high-end tour operator in the Land of the Ascending Dragon and beyond? By priding ourselves on our definition of luxury that transcends well beyond the concept of the “five-star hotel” to encompass attention to detail, top-class cuisine, exquisite accommodation, unrivalled service  and, most notably, an array of little, personalized touches.

With an intimate knowledge of Vietnam’s incredible breadth and depth, and our tried and trusted ties with neighboring countries, we design and refine travel experiences.

Your hostess, Ms Loan Foster, and her team lay the first stone of your luxurious adventure by going the extra length to listen to your interests to ultimately unlock your dreams. Ms Loan then draws on her encyclopedic knowledge of her native Vietnam and, if you wish, broader Southeast Asia to create a narrative for your holiday, enabling you to take in destinations from completely new angles never afforded to the vast majority of travelers. She taps her labyrinthine network of contacts on the ground. And with fervent rigor, she applies her personal touch. We invest an extraordinary amount of time in developing your bespoke itinerary and adding the finishing touches such as the bride’s favorite wedding flowers, the groom’s favorite wine and the kids’ favorite toys.

Offering rare insights and unique encounters with Vietnamese life, history and culture, what results is an authentic taste of the East’s finest with luxurious finishes, propelling your journey into an entirely new dimension.

Our Philosophy:

Due to Ms Loan’s unbridled passion for Vietnam and travel, she’s habitually on the frontier, exploring new destinations.  She brings an acute sense of objectivity to assessing the suitability of potential attractions and venues for her guests. She advocates preservation and sustainability of historic sites, the environment and local traditions and crafts, paving the way for unparalleled travel experiences in authentic, culturally rich settings. Ms Loan’s tours are in a continual state of evolution, ensuring a level of excellence befitting Vietnam’s top tour operator.

From beginning to end, we meticulously plan every moment of your holiday so you can relish the present as it unfolds in our backyard. Let Ms Loan and her team take care of everything, letting you run with the natural course of things on your journey to the East.

Eight key principles underscore Journeys to the East’s Vision and Philosophy to leave an indelible impression of Vietnam and broader Southeast Asia on even the most discerning of travelers: Knowledge, Luxury, Personal Touch, Authenticity, Passion, Objectivity, Evolution and Excellence .